Baby Carrots!!

I’m not sure if it is the advertisements or the rediscovery of an old delicious friend, but I am now addicted to baby carrots. I dare you to refrain from eating a single baby carrot after watching the following clips.

A few months ago I began preparing small bags of carrots, celery, and broccoli so that I could easily take them with me for lunch, with a bit of ranch dressing of course. I’m not sure exactly why I decided to do this. It certainly was not some great endeavor to be the proper eater. Was it due to the outrageous videos? Perhaps. But I also think it had to do with the downright great taste of fresh food.  After two weeks of eating a few bags of raw veggies a week I could tell a noticeable difference in my energy level.  I felt less sluggish and began craving these delicacies when I was hungry. Don’t think of this as some crazy lifestyle change, just as adding a tasty treat to your diet.

To do:

1.       Buy a large bag of baby carrots or any other fresh vegetable.

2.       Put baby carrots in smaller bags in your fridge (add other veggies too).

3.       Take a bag with you when you leave your home and snack on them when you feel hungry.

Still not sure how you feel about the carrot revolution? Watch the following video and I guarantee you will be thinking about the carrot highway for the next month.

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