Be Happy Chapel Hill

So, if you read my post on the Geography of Bliss (Didn’t? You should)… it talks about happiness levels all over the globe. Imagine my surprise when shortly after penning that masterpiece (okay, so masterpiece might be a stretch). I stumbled upon the NY Time’s “Mapping the Nation’s Wellbeing.” Just like the International Happiness Database Eric Wiener used in “Geography of Bliss”, the NY Times, together with data collected by Gallup, put together a map of our nation’s wellbeing! Of which, wouldn’t you know—happiness is a part. (Which doesn’t surprise us here CWS— we know happiness is a HUGE part of wellness, along with so much more!). Given my recent discoveries about international happiness, I was dying to know—just how happy are we in Chapel Hill? I have to say, it looks like we’re doing pretty well.

Want to see what I’m talking about? First you’ve got to open up the map. Got it? Good. Now, zoom in on NC (a few clicks should do the trick). See the bright orange spot, kind of in the center top—that’s us! Now it’s time to play around and see how we rank. You can check out happiness, job satisfaction, community satisfaction, fruit and vegetable satisfaction and more! (PS. Chapel-hillites, I’m disappointed to say we’re not doing better on our fruit and veggie consumption!! Want to up your veggie intake? Check out these blogs by fellow bloggers: Baby Carrots!, Straight from the Farm, and Decisions, Decisions).


Oh and I have a question for you dear readers. So it seems Gallup has us figured out, but I can’t believe they have the complete picture. I want to know: Why do you think we’re so happy in Chapel Hill!?

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