Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees

Loans? Stocks? Bonds? Interest? Whenever I start to read my bank statement/ apply for a loan/ pretty much do anything that would make me financially responsible I just hear: blah, blah, blah blah blah! Jibberish!!

I can’t imagine that I’m alone in that feeling, so here is my adventure in attempting to organize my finances.

So my first step- the internet. A quick search on “saving money” revealed the following… Have a garage sale. Rent a room in my house. Cut up your credit cards. In conclusion, I give the advice I found on the internet a solid “Pthhhhh.” Not really getting me anywhere.

I then had the brilliant idea of checking out youtube! There must be a tutorial out there, right? Okay, so maybe not so brilliant, all I found were videos about fast money and a live version of Pink Floyd’s ‘Money.’  Luckily (as I may or may not have been about to watch some Pink Floyd) my coworker came in, and suggested that I check out UNC’s CashCourse.

Halleluiah! Exactly what I was looking for! CashCourse is designed by UNC, so it’s easy to understand and accurate (unlike my previous google and youtube searches). Oh and it’s tailored to us (ie. Students) with sections on loans, saving for spring break, studying abroad,  jobs, taxes and more.  There are even some great worksheets and tools that you can use to help get your finances in order, meet a savings goal or determine your spending allowance. You can even use their online budget wizard to track your spending, income and savings!

So forget all that faulty advice on the internet and check out

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