Hydrate or Die

Summer is here and it’s already a hot one.  Most people know that drinking water is important, but it is especially crucial in the hot summer months when it is far easier to get dehydrated.  So here’s a list of tips (in no particular order) to keep you refreshed and hydrated every day:

  1.   Eat your water.  Fruits and veggies naturally contain a lot of water, so eating these nutrient rich foods not only keeps you hydrated, but keeps  you healthier overall.
  2. Make water taste better.  Sometimes it’s easy to get sick of plain old water.  Adding fresh fruit or veggies, like cucumber, to change the flavor of water can be a great way to turn up the taste.. Plus, it will make you feel like you’re at a spa!
  3. Change up the temp.  Sick of that cold glass of water? Drink some hot water instead!  Changing the temp can be a nice change of pace and still keep you hydrating away.
  4. Pair other beverages with water. If you drink coffee, tea, or alcohol, pair it with water to fight off dehydration. Even better, instead of reaching for that second cup of joe or brewski, have some water (hot or cold) instead.
  5. Sip, don’t chug.  Taking in water slowly throughout the day can be nicer than chugging lots of water and feeling that gross, water logged feeling and it helps you maintain hydration throughout the whole day.
  6. Drink more if exercising.  If you are active, it is especially important to maintain hydration and to compensate for hot summer workouts. Try taking a water bottle to the gym, or running with a small one.
  7. Schedule sips.  Use that iPhone or Droid alarm, or just set times a day you’ll have a small (or large) glass of water.  Even better- challenge yourself to finish a certain amount (a bottle or glass) by a certain time each day.  If you reach a certain amount (say, 8 glasses) a day, reward yourself!
  8. Work water into your day.  While waiting for a paper to print, or while you are killing time on Facebook, grab your water bottle and take some sips. Then you’ll associate surfing with hydrating!  Also, refilling your cup or water bottle is a great excuse to get up from your desk and move around more, helping you take a break from sitting.
  9. Keep water on hand.  Headed to the beach? Make sure to throw some bottles of water in the cooler. Going to the gym? Keep an extra water bottle in your gym bag. Hanging in the air conditioning? Keep extra bottles of water filled and ready to grab on your way out the door.
  10. Kill mindless eating with the power of water.  When you are feeling snacky or reaching for food just because you are bored, grab some water instead!

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