How to Have Great Sexual Health

As we enter a new school year, here are some ideas on how to have great sexual health:

1. Communication! Different things are sexy to different people and the best way to find out what your partner likes is to ask. It can be difficult to talk about sex, but communication can also be hot. Plus, it might just turn on your partner. Learning about intimacy and your own sexuality is a lifelong process; so don’t expect that you’ll get everything perfect all the time. Pay attention to verbal and non-verbal cues from your partner. Tell your partner what makes you feel good and also what doesn’t. Finally, be patient with yourself and your partner.

A huge part of communication is consent. At Counseling and Wellness we like to stress the importance of talking about consent when you and your partner have your clothes on, that way no one feels rushed and everyone can voice any excitements or concerns they might have. And please remember, North Carolina law states that all parties must always give clear and sober consent for any sexual activity

2. Protection! Use a latex or polyurethane barrier all the time to prevent sexually transmitted infections. If you are trying to prevent pregnancy, use some sort of birth control. You can visit Campus Health Services for free latex or polyurethane barriers and you can make an appointment with your medical provider to get a prescription for birth control.

3. Have fun! Only you know when you are ready for sex. Listen to yourself and have fun!

Those are ideas for having great, consensual sex this year!

One thought on “How to Have Great Sexual Health

  1. iamkumartruely May 20, 2019 / 6:13 am

    communicating with your partner will resolve most of the problems. Sexual education is very important to all of us.


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