Finding Your Focus

I was completely inspired by Sarah’s blog from September 6, I want to make “me-time” too and also meet all of my obligations. I feel like most of the time I struggle with focusing and I think I know the culprit and that culprit is email. Because I have a smartphone, I feel compelled to check messages all day long. This semester, I’m trying something new. I’m going to unplug my gadgets in order to focus. Here’s what I’m trying, feel free to try it too.

Create a no email zone. Dedicate a few hours a day to your most important work. During this time stay off of email and away from your phone. I know this sounds difficult, but think of everything you could accomplish if you had fewer distractions! To help aid this process, you can set an email auto-reply notifying the sender that you only check your email a few times a day. That way you can manage everyone’s expectations while feeling great about your new-found productivity.

Stay off Gchat. I know it’s fun to talk to your friends while the professor is lecturing or while you’re at work. It’s harmless right? Maybe, but I can say for me, I can never get anything finished because I’m bouncing between 10 tabs in my browser.

Once a month leave that smartphone at home. I know you’re thinking that I sound insane right now, but it’s just a suggestion. Ok, hear me out. No one will miss your mobile uploads and status updates (I promise) and it’s just one day. Also, it might allow you to be completely present for your friends. A little mindfulness never hurt anyone.

If you need further help unplugging your life, there are web applications out there to block mail servers and website. Try these ideas first and if you need more assistance, you can always take it to the next level. Good luck focusing!

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