Happy Halloween!

In Park Elementary School, Halloween was the best.  Mrs. DiGiovani was a pioneering music teacher and encouraged physical activity all the time in music class.  Mrs. D, as we called her since DiGiovani was a little too much to tackle in 1st grade, would have us act out Danse Macabre every Halloween.  We would start lying on the floor, rise up at the appropriate moment and dance like skeletons for 6 and a half minutes (did time go faster as a kid?), and then go back to “sleep” when the sun came back up.

If you’re not down with interpretive dancing to an 80’s PBS animation, maybe this oldie will be more your speed.

Old school or not, Halloween safety is still the same (maybe with a few grown up tweaks).

Always use common sense.

Never trick-or-treat (or anything else) alone.  Take one or two buddies along with you.

Plan your night and make sure your friends know what the plan is.

Be very cautious of strangers.

Don’t play near lit jack-o-lanterns.

Walk on sidewalks and driveways. Cross the street at the corner or in a crosswalk.

It’s not my fault a bunch of awesome stuff happened in the 80’s.  I will leave you with one of the best!

Have a safe and happy Halloween y’all!

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