Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas

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Shopping for holiday gifts for your friends and family can be expensive and time-consuming. It requires some thoughtfulness and planning to find the right gift for the right person at the right price range for you. Healthy gifts are well-received during the holidays because people feel guilty about overeating and start thinking about New Year’s resolutions. Consider some of these ideas for the people you know that appreciate novel, practical gifts. As always, be tactful when sending health-related gifts so you’re not sending the message that “I think you’re NOT healthy and could benefit from this…”

Farmers’ Markets and Whole Foods Gift Cards
Instead of gift cards to retail outlets for electronics and clothing, consider the Farmers Market and Whole Foods, where you can get fresh, local produce and healthy prepared food. Unfortunately, the Carrboro Farmers’ Market no longer sells Truck Bucks but check your local farmers’ markets.

Healthy Cookbooks
For people that are beginning to learn how to cook, find cookbooks with recipes that require simple ingredients and instruction that are easy to follow. People that aren’t used to cooking all the time often do not have fresh ingredients so they may find it useful to have recipes for ingredients that keep well and don’t need to be prepared right away. You can also cook with the recipient once or twice using the cookbook to encourage the person to use the cookbook and build their cooking confidence.

Massage / Spa Treatment
For the special ladies in your life and also the dudes that enjoy the finer things in life, treat them to a massage or day at the spa. Groupon and Living Social often have discounted massage packages for $40 or less. If that’s too expensive, get some scented massage oils, watch a Youtube video, and do it yourself.

Water Purifer / Water Bottle
To encourage friends to stay hydrated with water instead of sugary soft drinks, give them handheld water purifiers with some spare filters. Although choosing a water bottle can be a personal decision for some people, a classic Nalgene or stainless steel bottle are always appreciated. Check out Laura’s blog post Hydration Station for more info.

Electronic Toothbrush
I’ve only met one kind of electronic toothbrush owner – the kind that swears by them and will try to convince you to buy one if you ever ask about it. Literature reviews show that electronic toothbrushes reduce more plaque, gingivitis, and stains than manual brushing. Spend a little more and get a rechargeable toothbrush that will last for years.

For their feet.

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