How to stay healthy in financially challenging times

The current financial situation in the US hits on many levels for students.

For many students, it’s personal – your savings, credit card bills, and fun money.

For many students, it’s school – “Someone who financially supports me just got laid off. Will I have to leaveCarolina?”  “How will I afford rising tuition costs?”  “How will my work/school balance change?”  “How will this all ultimately impact my academic success and my future?”

For many students, it’s all of these things and the larger picture – the future of the our society.

What to do?

It’s easy during times like these to get stuck in a negative frame of mind.  We encourage you to consider some quick ideas for staying positive.

  • Pay attention to the news, but give yourself a break.  You cannot change the country’s economic state by worrying about it for hours on end.  Consider setting a time each day to check in on what’s happening, and then letting it go when that time has elapsed.
  • Use your mental energy to think about things you can control.  What about your current situation is causing you stress?  What can you actively do to change that situation for the better?
  • Remember the basics of stress management.  Seek support from friends, family members, and advisors.  Do the things that bring you joy, and particularly seek the ones that are cost free!  Examples might include: taking a walk on a brisk sunny day, practicing deep breathing, going for a jog, playing cards, journaling about your feelings, watching your favorite movie on your computer., or calling your best friend.
  • Re-frame!  How might you view this situation with a positive spin?  What are the good things that can come out of challenging times?
  • Use this as a reminder for financial planning.  What are the areas of financial management you need to revisit? Where can you cut out spending?  How can you safely save?  learn more at:
  • Still searching for a way to feel better?  Tell the President Obama your vision for America at

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