Healthy Heels Weekend

Summer’s slow carefree days are winding down: sunsets are earlier, nights are nippier.  More time spent pecking at a keyboard and highlighting journal articles, less time reading a juicy novel in the sun or playing Frisbee on the lawn.  Yep, fall semester is officially underway.  And as I stare down those first assignment deadlines and try to kickstart my brain back into school mode, I must remember that even the most diligent student needs a break, especially on the weekend…

Top picks for this weekend:

Bluegrass Band Town Mountain at Merritt’s Store and Grill

Friday at 6:00pm

Listen to live bluegrass and enjoy a delicious sandwich hot off the grill—what a perfect way to celebrate North Carolina livin’


Free movies at the Union

Friday, September 14, 10pm
Saturday, September 15, 7pm

Happens Friday and Saturday nights throughout the semester.  This week, it’s “The Avengers”



ImageNina Simone…What More Can I Say? One-Act, One-Woman Play.  

Saturday at 7pm

This tribute to the legendary singer takes place at the Sonja Hanes Center and it’s FREE. 

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