Healthy Heels Weekend!

After a dreary and drizzle-filled week in Chapel Hill, there are two things that I can’t wait to see. . . the sun and the weekend. Thankfully, both of those are coming tomorrow! So in this edition of Healthy Heels Weekend, let’s look at some outside activities that can help you soak iup some Vitamin D, shake out that midterm stress, and re-charge your batteries for your next adventure!

OCLQ’s Fest-O-Fall, Thursday 7pm

Crash Old Campus Lower Quad’s event and get in the mood for fall with games and apple cider. Here is the link to the Facebook event and here is a video that is pretty epic.

Frozen Yogurt with Friends Friday Night

Round up some of your peeps and get some Sweet Frog (throw some blueberries on it, that’s healthy, right?) for a good cause. Mention Relay for Life and proceeds go their way. That a sweet deal! (couldn’t resist). Facebook link here.

Hike the Bolin Creek Trail

A great walk/jog close to campus that can help relieve the stress of exams. Get a map here and go anytime the weather is nice. Like this Friday and Saturday!

Crossfit Workout Thursday Night

Go checkout Crossfit UNC, and the crazy fun workouts they do! It’s open to all experience and fitness levels. Go here to learn more!

Carolina Football Game

Bring a water bottle and some sunscreen and cheer on the Tarheels as we take on Virginia Tech. Game time is 12:30 on Saturday.

As always, have fun and stay safe this weekend in Chapel Hill!

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