Tomorrow is World Food Day!

Tomorrow is World Food Day! If you’ve never heard of this event before, don’t worry – you’re not the only one! So, what is World Food Day?

World Food Day (WFD) was established by the United Nations way back in 1979 to encourage national and international solidarity in the struggle against malnutrition, hunger, and poverty. Events on WFD aim to increase people’s awareness of the many roots of hunger and the variety of ways that we can work to end it.

In honor of WFD, watch this video to educate yourself about world hunger and what can be done about it.

Then, take action. Here are some suggestions:

–        Join the social media campaign.

–        Share, tweet and post about World Food Day.  Don’t forget the World Food Day hashtag: #WFD2012

–        Get some friends together for a World Food Day meal based on the Oxfam GROW method. (The GROW method focuses on reducing food waste, buying food that’s in season, using less water and energy to cook, eating less meat and dairy, and buying products that support the people who produce them).

–        Support local food production by visiting the Carrboro Farmers’ Market on Wednesday afternoon or Saturday morning.

Want to know more? Visit some of these resources:




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