Those Shoes Were Made For Running

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Tar Heel Tone Up

I’m pretty sure that no one reading this blog will be shocked when I say that running is good for you, or at least I hope not.  Wherever and whenever I walk on this campus, I can always count on seeing more than one person running within any ten minute time period, even if it’s drizzling or the middle of January.  It’s just one minor detail that I really love about our campus: seeing people getting outside in their spare time, jamming to a workout playlist on their iPod or just listening to their own breath as they go for a jog and release some of that pent up stress and energy from a long day or an intense week.  To all of those regular runners out there, including my roommate, I don’t care how fast or how slow you go—you have my respect.  

I, myself, am not one of…

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