What has Student Wellness Done for You Lately?

Hi Heels,question

My name is Callie Womble, and my colleague Jani and I are Student Wellness Specialists here at UNC Student Wellness. If you are like most people you’re probably thinking: “Student Wellness Specialist? What does that even mean?” Well, if you’re wondering that – don’t fret, this blog is for you!

Our job description lists a lot of roles and responsibilities, but what it really boils down to is simple: We are here to help make Carolina a healthier and more socially-just place through research and practice. Now, some of you might be thinking: “That’s great for you all, but what does that have to do with me?” I’m so glad you asked! It has everything to do with you. We are here to make your life easier and there are three main ways we can do that:

 Has your student organization ever wanted to collaborate with other student organizations on a wellness related program or event?

Our office has four amazing Wellness peer organizations: Diversity and Inclusiveness in Collegiate Environments (DICE), Interactive Theatre Carolina (ITC), Live Well Carolina and One Act: each of which have their own expertise. If you wanted to reach out to one (or some) of our peer educators but weren’t quite sure which one or how to reach out, Jani or I could help you make that connection.  Simply email us at studentwellness@unc.edu.

Has your student organization ever needed help planning or evaluating a wellness related program or event?

Our office has created two resources to help you. Take a look at our Effective Programming Module here for tips and strategies for facilitating successful workshops as well as important guidelines for presenting health information. Also, check out our health programming guide here. Each module (see the left side bar) contains a combination of a presentation, several activities, a resource page, and handouts – a ready-to-go workshop!

  • If you need additional help after viewing these resources Jani and I consult with students all the time to help them design programs and evaluate their effectiveness. Want to set up an appointment? Simply fill out this form

Has your student organization ever needed funding to help make your wellness related program or event a reality?

Our office is in the process of unveiling a brand new mini grant application process for student organizations due out in Spring 2014! So stay connected with us on Facebook and Twitter to be updated when we make the big announcement!

I hope this was helpful in giving you an idea of the types of things Student Wellness Specialists can help you with. If anything is unclear please feel free to shoot us an email at studentwellness@unc.edu. We’d love to hear from you!

Happy Monday-before-Fall-Break Tar Heels 🙂

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