4 new ways to use oats!

Oats contain a natural extract that is full of vitamins, minerals, and lipids that have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. In fact, oats have been recognized by the Food and Drug Administration and dermatologists as a natural skin care remedy and skin protectant.

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Here are 4 new ways to use oats to ensure that you are really using this ‘superfood’ to your benefit: 

Treat and prevent acne
Oats remove excess oil and bacteria from your skin and exfoliate dead skin cells. Similar to brand name skin cleansers that contain oat extract, JUST oats helps combat acne. You can either grind up oats into a fine powder or use the whole oats (I use quick-oats!), soak them for about 45 seconds in lukewarm water, and then rub the mixture on your face in circular patterns, and rinse off. 

Soothe dry skin
Oats act as a great skin moisturizer and as a natural treatment for dry skin issues like eczema and psoriasis. When oats soak in water, polysaccharides become gelatinous. This liquid forms a protective film on your skin. The beta-glucan in the film penetrates deep into the skin for a long-lasting, deep moisturizing effect! Oats also help heal broken, dry skin by improving collagen deposition and enhancing immune cell activity within the skin. 

Clean your hair
The same properties of oats that help skin can also help your hair and scalp. The Livestrong Foundation has a great recipe for an oat-based dry shampoo. The beta-glucan and colloidal oatmeal properties not only add moisture back to your hair and scalp, but also adds shine! 

Treat poison ivy or chicken pox
The anti-inflammatory and anti-itch properties make oats a great treatment for insect bites, poison ivy, chicken pox, and other itchy skin infections. You can soak in an oat bath or wrap ground oats in a cheese cloth and gently rub your skin.

I have been using oats as a regular part of my skin-care routine for just two weeks, and I’m already enjoying my softer skin. I strongly encourage you to try a 2-week challenge of using oats at least once a day. Good luck! 

These tips have been compiled from Style Craze, a beauty network based out of Hyderabad, India and Care2 Make a Difference, which “[uses] the power of business to make a positive social and earth-friendly impact on the world.”

2 thoughts on “4 new ways to use oats!

  1. Natalie Rich March 24, 2014 / 3:32 pm

    Thanks for this post–I really like that you are thinking outside the box. I always have oats on hand and I am excited to try these new ways of putting them to good use!


    • Jani Rad March 24, 2014 / 3:47 pm

      Cool! I’m excited you’re going to try them out. It’s also a much cheaper option compared to buying store products that contain oats, especially since you already have oats!


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