Get Ready for Summer Tar Heels


Tar Heels, we really enjoyed blogging with you and for you this academic year. We had some awesome posts…(flashback music plays here)…

Like that time we wrote about Mission Impossible aka getting enough quality sleep as a college student.

Or that time we gave advice on how to make “the talk” less awkward…that is the talk with your healthcare provider about sexual health.

Or HEY, what about that time we challenged you to unplug and spend a little time away from the screen.

Those were great posts, and we had so many more. It’s been an awesome ride…BUT WAIT! It’s not over yet! We will be blogging all summer until we return with full force in September. We will have occasional posts with interesting content you have come to expect. Have an idea for a blog post you would like to see? Comment below!

Happy summer Tar Heels! Enjoy it (just don’t forget the sunscreen and water).


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