Why you should vote in the mid-term elections

Voting in the mid-term elections is probably the most important thing you haven’t done this year.

We aren’t voting for A PRESIDENT THIS YEAR. So why should i care?

The folks you vote for on (or before) November 4th are ones that will have a big impact on your daily life. In midterms we choose congresspeople and senators – the folks who lay down the law – as in, decide which bills will pass and which won’t. Pretty important stuff. Vote.


This year is all about the Senate, which Democrats have controlled since 2006. If the Republicans take over the Senate after the election, they would control both houses of Congress.  This means the GOP could more easily push through its agenda.

Additionally, NC voter are choosing national representatives, state congresspeople and many non-partisan judge positions in the NC Supreme Court  and courts of appeals. All of these positions have important implications for local and state politics.

To take a peek at what your ballot will include, visit http://myballot.wral.com/ which includes biographies of the candidates.


A million and none. There is no one defining issue this year that is driving folks to the polls, and instead there is a host of issues on voter’s minds including:

  • Economic numbers have gone from worse to less-worse, but the economy still is not fabulous. And it’s the issue where neither party is safe.
  • Immigration is always an issue. Earlier this year when a flood of unaccompanied immigrant children crossed the US border, immigration conversations happened throughout our country.
  • Social issues like women’s equal pay, contraception, education, gun control and gay marriage.
  • Foreign policy – ever heard of ISIS? Kind of a big deal.
  • Whatever else you might care about.

Use http://www.isidewith.com/north-carolina-voter-guide to help determine how your stance on the issues match candidates and ballot measures.

NC is a critical state.

North Carolina is a swing state – meaning our state elections sometimes come out Democrat and sometimes Republican. The senator names in our state are Thom Tillis and Kay Hagan. Tillis is our state’s current Speaker of the House, and has pulled our state legislature to the right in the last few years. Senator Hagan tied closely with Obama in 2008, but is now keeping her distance and branding herself as a moderate. In NC, the big issues include social issues, such as women’s health.

Fill in your address below to gather the details you need to know to vote.

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