Sexual Health Resources at Student Wellness This Fall

Previously known as CHECS appointments, Student Wellness offers sexual wellness education appointments with a trained health educator to individuals as well as student pairs. Topics for these appointments include but are not limited to:

  • Contraceptive option consultations and education;

    Photo "Devious Question"  by  Zita, Flickr Creative Commons
    Photo “Devious Question” by Zita, Flickr Creative Commons
  • HIV testing and counseling;
  • Well Woman’s Exams questions;
  • Post-diagnosis STI management questions; and
  • Other concerns or questions relating to sexual health.

When are educational appointments available?

For the Fall 2014 semester, sexual wellness education appointments will be offered:

  • Tuesdays, 1PM-3PM
  • Wednesdays, 10AM-12PM
  • Thursdays, 10AM-1PM
  • Fridays, 10AM-11AM

How does a student make a sexual wellness education appointment?

Because of limited availability and space, students should call Student Wellness at 919-962-WELL ahead of time to schedule an appointment. Depending on demand, there are usually available appointments within the week. Walk-in appointments may also be available if other appointments are not yet scheduled.


Free HIV Testing at World AIDS Day!

Photo "World AIDS Day, December 1" by  Sully Pixel, Flickr Creative Commons
Photo “World AIDS Day, December 1” by Sully Pixel, Flickr Creative Commons

Every year on December 1, people worldwide write to increase awareness and testing for HIV on World AIDS Day. This year Student Wellness and other campus partners will be celebrating this day on December 2 by offering a free, confidential, fast HIV testing in the Union from 10am-4:45pm. For more information visit the Facebook event for the day.


For further questions about these appointments and World AIDS Day, please contact


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