Spirituality: Who has time for that?!

Tasmanian Wonder by Matthew Blom
Tasmanian Wonder by Matthew Blom

SPIRITUALITY: Who has time for that?!

     What is spirituality honestly? It could be prayer, meditation, yoga, scripture, mind-body connection, sleep, focus breathing, exercise, or organized religion; these are all types of practices that help us to care for our spiritual health. The very interesting element about our health is it has so many different components. We can only fully pay attention to one thing at a time, and in my opinion it is easy to forget about tending to our spiritual wellness. , The idea of simultaneous in my opinion doesn’t really exist. What I do believe is we can work to better our time management. Easier said than done I know. But I would like to make a few offers:

         Identifying what spirituality means for you: Spirituality cannot be defined by anyone else but you. It may not be the “normalized” understanding of spirituality. It could be something as simple as taking a warm meditative bath. Whatever it looks like spirituality is a necessity for our wellbeing. Just like we need to maintain our physical and social wellness we also need to give time to our spiritual health.

      Finding your balance between work & care: You need to study for an exam. You need to do laundry. You need to meet your group to work on a project. You need to spend time with your significant other. You need to go to practice for 2-3 hours. Yes. But…you also “need” the space for your mind & body to be rejuvenated, re-motivated, and re-nourished and hopefully fulfilled. We need that space to stop and read your bible, or have prayer or meditate, or go to church or go to the mosque, spend time with yourself and your thoughts.

       Creating a designated time to give some attention to our spiritual health: What does that look like? I can’t say. It could possibly be 20 minutes every day. Maybe it’s an hour on a weekday evening. Maybe it’s at the start of each week. Whatever the form it is vital.

Resources to Consider 🙂

Meditation Mondays which is every Monday at 5:15pm in the Union Meditation Room http://mindbodyspiritualawareness.com/

Link to Churches in the area:  http://www.med.unc.edu/cmda/churches

Give yourself the time. Create the time, and offer that fulfilled and revived spirit to live and grow and be.

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