Food for your Brain: Finals Edition

(Raskol Mihin, “Always tea makes me feel relax and happy #studying” from Flicker Creative Commons)
(Raskol Mihin, “Always tea makes me feel relax and happy #studying” from Flicker Creative Commons)

Give yourself a pat on the back; you’ve made it to the last week of the semester! But don’t get too cozy, now it’s time to kick it into full gear! With LDOC (last day of classes) approaching, it’s time to start figuring out what your study schedule will look like. Will you be studying with others? By yourself? In your room? The library? There are so many factors to consider, but regardless of where or with whom you choose to study with, be sure to stock up on all of those goodies that will help keep your brain churning!

7 Top Brain foods

  • Avocados- This super food is filled with vitamin B and potassium and is also known to reduce stress levels.
  • Tea- Looking for a way to relax after a long day of studying? Curl up with a hot cup of tea and let it warm your soul!
  • Fatty Fish- The versatility of fish is amazing; it can be eaten with any of your three main meals of the day. It’s high in omega 3’s and also is a known stress reliever.
  • Milk- Remember when you were a little one and milk was your best friend? A warm glass of milk helps reduce stress. There’s no shame in tapping into your little kid side for much needed stress relief!
  • Yogurt- Not only is yogurt yummy with all of the many ways you can dress it up, like with fresh fruits, honey and granola, it’s also high in vitamin D and great for studying on the go.
  • Nuts- Almonds, cashews, pistachios, walnuts…. all of these and more are great for relieving stress during finals. Try throwing some into your yogurt and get the maximum benefit!
  • Dark Chocolate- Who doesn’t like chocolate? Not only is it high in antioxidants but it also improves your mood.

Be sweet to your brain and try incorporating these brain foods into your snack stash while studying for finals, it’ll thank you later! Questions about brain health? Feel free to stop by Nutrition Services at Campus Health.

Read more at Huffington Post here


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