Food For The Soul

I’d like to share with you my experience with prayer. Thank you so much for taking the time to read about my perspective.

Every so often I have a lazy day off during which I kick back and neglect all my responsibilities. The day usually consists of watching TV shows, playing a game, eating some food, playing my guitar, etc. I move from distraction to distraction, the whole time with an empty feeling nagging at me. I feel like something is missing, so I look around for something to fill the emptiness. Eventually I realize that all these physical distractions are just not cutting it. The solution for me is always a spiritual one.

I believe that humans are both material and spiritual beings. I believe that when our bodies die, our spirits continue to grow and progress. In my short life, I have come to the belief that our lives in this world are similar to the life of an embryo in the womb. An embryo  grows limbs and organs and prepares for life after birth. Similarly, we are growing spiritual qualities and faculties for life after death.

As an embryo, we were only marginally aware of the world beyond the womb. Luckily in the womb we do not have so many things distracting us from our process of growth. I often get distracted by the multitude of material pursuits available to me. I am consumed by a lifestyle of consumption. I forget that I am growing and preparing for life after death: the continued life of my soul. This is what happens to me on those lazy days off.

My solution to this lifestyle of consumption is the active pursuit of opportunities to develop myself spiritually. Through my actions at work, at home and in my studies, I strive to develop spiritual qualities like patience, forgiveness and generosity. I have found, however, that some of the most potent activities for developing myself spiritually are praying and meditating.

Prayer is like food for the spirit. It nourishes my spiritual appetites and rejuvenates me, giving me energy and awareness. Prayer is like a ladder for the soul, aiding me in my growth towards the Great Unknown. Prayer brings harmony back to my life and gives me direction. It is like a conversation between my spiritual self and the Celestial Being. It is a time when I can forget about my physical needs and feed my hungry soul. Prayer motivates me to bring my life in chorus with creation and to strive to fulfill more coherently, my goal of preparing for the continued life of my soul.

I’d like to share a prayer that is dear to me.

O God, guide me, protect me, make of me a shining lamp and a brilliant star. Thou art the mighty and the powerful.

I hope my experience is helpful to others. Please let us know about your experiences with prayer and meditation a join us by engaging in dialogue about spiritual health.

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