WORKOUT WEDNESDAY: NEW! Fitness Passport with UNC Campus Recreation

by: Ben Smart

When you want to learn more about the world, you use your travel passport to experience new places. When you want to get a leg up on your fitness goals, you use your Fitness Passport!

Stop by the Student Rec Center front desk in SRC 101 to pick up your passport, free of charge, beginning March 16th. Complete the following six fitness challenges by April 24th to get a Campus Rec swag bag!


  • EVENT: Function Movement Screening
    -Visit the Functional Movement and Fitness Center (FMFC) in the SRC, where a fitness consultant will perform a functional movement screening for you. Find more info about the FMFC and screeningshere.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: Like the Tar Heel Wellness Challenge and UNC Campus Rec on Facebook
    – The Tar Heel Wellness Challenge provides holistic health goals for UNC students, faculty and staff to reach every two weeks via Facebook.
    – Stay up to date with all Campus Rec has to offer and interact with us via Facebook!
  • EVENT: Try out our Weekend Warrior Series or Yoga Workshops
    -These series offer unique ways to further your fitness practices!
    -More information about these offerings can be found here.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: Post a positive affirmation on social media using #UNCbodybeautiful
    – Accepting and loving your body for the things it can do for you is one of the first steps toward a happier and healthier life!
  • EVENT: Join the fun and take a group fitness class
    – Campus Rec offers over 80 classes, in a variety of formats, per week FOR FREE.
    – Check out the full schedule here and try something new now!
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: Bring your workout home with Training Time
    – Complete one of our Training Time series workouts on the Campus Rec YouTube channel.
    – Take a picture or video of your workout and post on Instagram with #UNCtrainingtime.


For each event challenge you complete, have the Fitness staff member at the event location stamp your passport card. For the social media challenges, show any Fitness staff member at any time your completed challenge to get your passport stamped. Fitness staff includes group fitness instructors, personal trainers, and FMFC fitness consultants. For FMFC hours during which you can connect with a consultant, click here.
Once you complete the full challenge, bring your stamped Fitness Passport to the Campus Rec Main Office (SRC 101) no later than April 24th to pick up your Campus Rec swag bag!
Spring break may be finished, but that’s no excuse to forget about your health and fitness. Take advantage of your Fitness Passport to jumpstart your spring fitness!


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