End of An Era


As the end of the year draws extremely close, there are those amazing moments when you realize, I’m here!.. I did it. I made it. They are such wonderful moments because then comes the reflection on all of your achievements, hard work, friends (new & old), completed papers, finished exams and the possible excited or nervous thoughts on the next steps in your journey. Within that as well, there could also be the excitement about the memories you have created and the ones you’re getting ready to create. It is a time to celebrate, maybe laugh or cry and contemplate the many possibilities of the summer and even your long-term future.

A word comes to mind with the thoughts of an ending an era. Legacy. The definition of Legacy is something that remains from a previous generation or time. Think about it for a moment. What is your legacy? Moving away from the formal definition, but maybe consider what legacy means personally, spiritually, mentally, physically or academically. Maybe a legacy on a team, a legacy with friends, a legacy in the classroom, a legacy left with new acquaintances or one that’s felt and not seen. What piece of your journey here will always remain? What’s wonderful is there’s always memories and we get to re-visit them in our photos, old textbooks, class rings, achievement awards, old uniforms, trophies and yearbooks. As these last several days come and go, enjoy these memories. Take care of yourself as you are pushing to the last day, smile in knowing your work and perseverance was enough and congratulate yourself on reaching the next step in your voyage.


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