GET INVOLVED: Access free services & get free stuff!

By now, many of you may have discovered one of the greatest joys of a college campus — FREE STUFF — but you may not know that Student Wellness offers a lot more than the free frisbees some of you snagged at Orientation or the water bottles you picked up at us from Fall Fest. We also offer free programs and services to all students!

Below is an overview of some of the things we’re planning on offering this semester!

sexual health

Do you have questions about:

  • Contraceptive options?
  • HIV testing and counseling?
  • Well Women’s Exams?
  • Post-diagnosis STI management questions?
  • Pretty much anything relating to sexual health?

Well, no worries! Just call Student Wellness at 919.962.WELL and schedule a FREE, private* appointment to meet with a trained health educator today!

fall pass 2014 flier

PASS (Peak Academic Success & Satisfaction) Fair: A chance to relax and have fun right before Final Exams

  • Free catered food (Past vendors include Vimala’s and Jersey Mike’s)
  • Massages from Aveda
  • Board games & Wii Fit
  • Yoga station
  • Free scantrons & blue books
  • So much free stuff!

Stay tuned for more information on PASS, which will take place during exam week this semester!


LDOC HeelFest: Celebrate the last day of classes with Battle of the Bands-style show. Support local groups and your friends, vote for the winner of a grand prize, and get FREE FOOD!

Stay tuned for more information and ways to get VIP passes to the event (which will be on LDOC Spring semester!), which gets you even more free stuff! Want to be a student judge at the event? More information will be available soon.


WAD 2014 flyer

World AIDS Day: A large-scale free HIV testing/screening event

In honor of World AIDS Day, UNC Student Wellness will be organizing a free, confidential, walk-in HIV testing event in the Carolina Union Great Hall. This event is free and open to students, faculty, staff, and the broader community. Participants can get their results in under one hour, and there are no needles involved!

Stay tuned for more information on World AIDS Day (which will be in December)!


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