FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Eat Smart with your SmartPhone

Do you love your Droid or iPhone? If so, let your SmartPhone help you eat smarter and stay healthier. I spent an afternoon reviewing all of the nutrition and exercise apps out there and found four that I think you’ll love.

Download them and try them out, then let us know what you think!

  1. Drinking Water: This app reminds you to drink water and allows you to track how much water you are drinking daily. Every couple hours you hear a calming sound of pouring water. Just reach for your water bottle, chug some water, and then mark off one of the cups on the screen.
  2. Fooducate: Use this at the grocery store. Scan the barcode of an item before you put it in your cart or basket. Find out the good and bad about each item and get some guidance on healthier, but similar, products.
  3. Restaurant Nutrition: It’s hard to know exactly what’s on your plate when you are eating out.  Take your phone with you and use this app to combine menu items from popular restaurants to build your entire meal order and see the nutrition facts.
  4. iMapMyRun: Use this app to record the route, time, distance, speed, pace and calories of your walk, run or bike in real-time. Just make sure your phone is GPS-enabled.

Do you use any of these apps? Or do you think you might try them? Tell us what you think by commenting on this blog, posting to our Facebook page (UNC Campus Health Services) or tweeting (@UNCCampusHealth).

2 thoughts on “FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Eat Smart with your SmartPhone

  1. confused October 18, 2011 / 5:33 pm

    Is the name of the app “drinking water”? I checked and that one shows you the drinking fountains in rome…..confused…


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