WORKOUT WEDNESDAY: Round 2 of Small Group Fitness Starts This Month with Campus Rec!

This post was written by Emily Wheeler and is published as a part of our blog exchange with Tar-Heel Tone Up.


As most students know by now, Campus Recreation offers over 85 group fitness classes at no cost to members every single week! Every semester, there are also two sessions of small group training programs that are offered at a low cost to members to allow them to get more personalized and targeted fitness training during various 6-week programs!

The second round of small group fitness classes are starting this month right after fall break, and registration is open this week! Here are more details about the small group fitness classes happening this semester, as well as quotes from current Boot Camp participants about their thoughts on the class!


The TRX suspension bands allow you to improve your muscular and core strength with varying levels of bodyweight exercises. The great thing about the TRX bands is that since you’re using your own bodyweight, you can change your level of resistance easily to suit your abilities! No experience is required – the certified fitness instructors will teach you everything you need to know about using the TRX bands! 

Cost: $55 (10 sessions)

Location: RHRC Court 1

Days/Time: Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 6:15 – 7:15 am

Dates: 10/22/15 – 11/24/15

Registration: October 5 – October 20

Capacity: 8 (Space is limited)


Boot camp features high intensity hour-long workouts that include sets of drills followed by short periods of rest to give you a fantastic cardiovascular workout! There are always modifications and varying levels of difficulty for each exercise so you can start where you are and work your way up to increasing your health, fitness, and endurance by the end of the class! I have personally participated in this class in the past and I always left feeling like I’d gotten such a great workout and I enjoyed being able to do drills that I had never thought of doing on my own before!

Cost: $30 (10 sessions)

Location: RHRC Court 1 & Outdoors

Days/Time: Mondays & Wednesdays @ 5:15 – 6:15 pm

Dates: 10/21/15 – 11/23/15

Registration: October 5 – October 20

 “Boot camp with Olivia is the highlight of my week. I love that [Campus Recreation] offers these small group classes because it truly allows me to get the most out of my workout as Olivia plans an intensive and comprehensive routine each class. I enjoy lifting weights, running around, and working on strengthening my core to the sounds of Michael Jackson and Beyoncé, and Olivia’s encouragement. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to get started on exercising!”

“I have been taking small group fitness classes since freshmen year and now, as a senior, I’m addicted! I love the one-on-one attention I receive from the amazing instructors that always push me to my limits. Not only is it a great workout, but you also get to make some really great friends while getting fit. Because of the people I’ve met through small group fitness training classes, I made connections in my field of interest and ultimately got a job! This is an amazing opportunity through UNC to get a great workout for a cheap price. I’m really going to miss it when I graduate!”      -Stephanie Katz

“I liked the class. There was a great variety of workout and my instructor always challenged us, while making us feel comfortable. She also took our suggestions for potential workouts.”

“I love this class because the instructor, Olivia Desend, is so supportive and encouraging. She pushes us all each class. There is a little something for everyone, whether you want cardio, strength, endurance, or flexibility training. I highly recommend this class. It really helps build confidence and social circles, too!”       -Hannah Newmann, First year student

“I really enjoyed Boot Camp! It was a great full body workout what was both intense and enjoyable. Olivia was/is awesome! She was extremely knowledgeable, inclusive, and pushes us to do our best. I would highly recommend Boot Camp for people of all fitness levels!”      -Rebecca Messenger

As you can see, these small group training programs are an excellent opportunity offered by Campus Recreation. When I was in the Boot Camp class, there were full-time university employees taking the class as well and we always had a lot of fun encouraging each other. The classes really are for people of all ages and fitness levels who are looking to have fun, meet new people, and improve their health by taking care of their bodies through exercise.

To learn more about small group training programs, click here or visit the Campus Recreation main office, located in SRC 101, to register for the classes and get your questions answered. (Convenience note: the main office accepts cash and OneCard expense money only!) Registration is open now and space is limited in both classes, so take advantage of this super fun opportunity and I guarantee you that you’ll be happy that you did!

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