Workout Wednesday: Backyard Yoga: Your Guide to Ultimate Relaxation

Get ready to stretch, flex, and maintain inner peace – all at once! By doing yoga, you are taking part in a mind and body practice begun thousands of years ago. Numerous scientific studies tout the health and wellness benefits of practicing regular yoga. We wanted to see what all the hype was about, so we headed outside to get our yoga on! Unlike machines, weights, or a gym membership – doing yoga is free. You can do it almost anytime, anywhere.

Yoga requires very little equipment. In fact, most poses can be done with only a yoga mat. Yoga, as with any exercise regimen, should only be performed if you are well enough for physical exertion. Remember – you do not have to do anything you do not feel comfortable with! Check out the following popular poses, gathered from the web.

ss_FI0507WWFAL001Downward Dog

1. Begin this pose on all fours, with your hands below shoulders, and knees under the hips.

2. Slowly move your hands forward and spread your fingers apart.

3. Move your body into a V-shape by curling your toes and pressing your head inward. Your knees should be bent slightly, with your feet shoulder-width apart.


ss_FI090106TRYIN002Tree Pose

1. Stand on one leg and position the sole of the other foot inside the other thigh. Maintain a forward-facing body throughout.

2. When you have balanced yourself, bring your hands in front of you in a prayer pose.

3. As an alternate, extend your hands above your shoulders, reaching fingers to the sky.




1. Lie on the mat facing downwards. Place your thumbs directly underneath your shoulders. Extend your legs together behind you, with the tops of the feet on the ground.

2. Flex your pelvic muscles, tuck your hips inwards, and flex your glutes.

3. Raise your head and shoulders up and outwards into the cobra pose.

To take full advantage of yoga, perform these poses in a peaceful environment. Take your water bottle along, and sip regularly to stay hydrated. For an added bonus, practice deep breathing with 7 full counts on the inhalation. Stretch before and after doing these poses to keep your muscles supple and healthy.

Bring your yoga habit back to campus! Campus Rec offers several yoga class opportunities per week taught by trained fitness instructors. Check out the UNC Camps Rec Calendar and find a free class to attend!

Workout Wednesday blog posts are written by UNC Campus Recreation. Each Wednesday we swap blog posts with the Tar Heel Tone Up blog so that readers can view more diverse post topics that will benefit their health and wellness. Workout Wednesday blog posts can be found both here and on

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