5 Quick Tips for Roommate Success

Having roommates can be the absolute best – you can enjoy each other’s company 24/7!  On the other hand, you can be around each other 24/7.

Even if you’re BFFs or instantly make a connection, there will likely be moments when y’all get on each other’s nerves. Here are some ideas to make living with someone a bit easier:

  • Communicate. We recommend using I statements and observing a situation without judgment. You can learn more in the video below. Relationships Video Still.PNG
  • Don’t Borrow. Everyone deserves to have their things be safe in their home. One of the biggest sources of friend conflicts is borrowing that goes wrong. Your friendship is worth more than that! So we recommend avoiding borrowing things from friends unless you’re prepared to replace it if it gets broken or lost. Can’t afford to replace it? Don’t borrow it in the first place.
  • Find common ground with cleanliness. Likely one of you will want things more clean than the other. Meet in the middle!
  • Respect each other’s need for sleep. Everyone has different patterns and there will likely be times when one of you decides to be awake when the other is asleep. Talk through how to handle this. What should happen if one of you comes home and the other is asleep? What if one of you needs to wake up early before the other?
  • Take breaks. Work to ensure that everyone gets time in the space by themselves at some point.

If you live in a residence hall, your Resident Assistant can help support you and your roommate through conflicts. If you’re off campus, choose those roommates wisely, and perhaps talk through things before you move in together.

Some of your roommates will likely be your friends for life, so try to build a relationship that inspires lifelong trust and respect. We promise it’ll be worth it.


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