Sound On for SAAM

We’ve made the Soundtrack to Your Sexual Assault Awareness Month: Make It Consensual.

This Sexual Assault Awareness month at UNC is a bit different from years past. Let’s face it– everything feels a little different this April. One thing that hasn’t changed, though, is music’s ability to accompany us through life’s joys, difficulties, and, yes, moments of intimacy.

It only takes a quick scan through the radio or a new music playlist to discover that most songs about love or attraction don’t do a stellar job of modeling consent, to say the least. So we have made a playlist of some of our favorite consensual songs for you to enjoy this Sexual Assault Awareness month, wherever you are! These songs are creating a culture of consent– and so are we.

Consensual Mixtape

Have a favorite song that models consent in some way? Share it with us! Maybe your favorite song isn’t very consensual, now that you think about it? Don’t worry– we have a chance for you to make it a consent anthem!

Consent Lyric Competition ***SAAM Moment

Lyic Rewrite post.png

We can’t wait to see and hear what you create!

Send us your lyrical rewrite to  Your entry will count for 1 stamp on your SAAM Loyalty Card. Collect 5 stamps by attending virtual SAAM events for your chance to win an Amazon Fire Stick. 

How are you listening to your playlist? ***SAAM Moment

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