Moving Towards an Anti-Racist World at UNC

It’s not enough to be against racism – we need people to be actively anti-racist. Don’t be a bystander in the fight to dismantle white supremacy. We deserve to live in world where every person is treated like a human being. Here are some ways to move towards anti-racism:

Look in the mirror. Look at yourself and your communities. Consider how people of color are treated – on the sidewalks, when socializing, in classes. Racism manifests itself in a variety of ways, some obvious, but more often subtler. Identify – to then dismantle – the ways behaviors uphold and perpetuate white supremacy.

Listen, learn, and empathize. Become a student of racism historically and today. You can attend webinars and workshops, read works written by BIPOC, watch documentaries that highlight social issues, listen to podcasts – whatever learning style works for you. You can start with this robust compilation of Anti-Racism Resources from the Office for Diversity and Inclusion.

Make the commitment. Be a person of action. Plan how you’ll respond when issues of discrimination arise, and then follow through. Consider how to amplify and elevate diverse voices in your community and into leadership opportunities. Become an influencer in big ways and small to help create a new normal and inspire those in our circles to become anti-racist.

UNC Services Centering BIPOC Students


The CAPS Multicultural Health Program serves Black, Indigenous and Students of Color with brief therapy, group therapy, outreach events, and liaison relationships between students and CAPS. The program includes 4 mental health clinicians and 2 co-facilitators who all identify as people of color and are dedicated to meeting the needs of communities of color on campus.

CAPS Groups including:

Dancing Mindfulness Open to BIPOC students, fusing small group discussion and self-reflection with dance and mindfulness.

Brother 2 Brother: A Support Group for Black Men This group gives a space for Black men to support each other through the journey of navigating higher education and life.

Empowering Black Women This group provides a safe space for Black women to openly and honestly discuss their experiences to facilitate empowerment and encouragement.

Intersections: A QTPOC Support Group This group welcomes all Black, Indigenous, and POC students on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum and those who are questioning. The purpose is to value, nurture, respect, and celebrate QTPOC students at UNC.

We Gon’ Be Alright A space for Black students to gather, share experiences and gain support from one another.

Feeling Seen Podcast

Feeling Seen is hosted by Dr. Erinn Scott, Psy.D. and Dr. Anthony Teasdale, Ph.D., staff psychologists at CAPS to discuss and demystify mental health, therapy, and help seeking, and have some fun in the process. This podcast speaks directly to UNC and its students, giving listeners a more personal side of CAPS and its staff. There’ll be insights, laughs, and mistakes, but always with the intention of reducing stigma and helping people “feel seen.”

Find it on all the places you listen: Spotify | YouTube | Anchor | Google Podcasts | Apple Podcasts

Identity-based Support Outside of CAPS

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