I have an opportunity to get the vaccine but it’s not my turn. Should I take it?

We want everyone to be vaccinated when it’s your turn! And we know many of us are navigating the ethics of when to be vaccinated.

In an ideal world, the systems would be set up to create equity in vaccine order.

Our role as individuals is to:

  • Tell the truth, about
    • Health status
    • Work and volunteer requirements
    • Residence location, and
    • Priority level.
  • Avoid taking a dose that is clearly intended for others.

All of the vaccine requirements are self-reported. And many of us live in gray zones of the vaccine groupings. Draw on your best self when you answer the questions of eligibility. How would the most ethical person you can imagine respond to the questions?

If doses are truly going to waste and a vaccination provider is looking for arms, it’s okay to take a dose. You get some extra karma points if you instead try to connect those vaccines with someone who is higher priority.

This is a challenging time of scarce vaccines, variation between locations’ systems and rules, challenges to equitable access, and the emotions of our own and our loved ones’ safety. We trust you to do what’s right and are here to help if you have questions.

We anticipate that vaccine scarcity will diminish over the next few months, so if you can, be patient! Those who haven’t been vaccinated yet will have their spot coming soon.

Image by Danica Day @Danicady on Instagram

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