LDOC (Last Day Of Class) 2021

Save the date! The Last Day of Class is May 5th, with a nod to a 90’s throwback theme.

LDOC Programming

LDOC programming will be reimagined offering both in-person and virtual programs to help you stay safe and well This years 90’s theme includes games, giveaways, yoga, stress relief exercises, free food and so much more!
Festivities will be offered during the last week of class by CUAB, Hha!s , Campus Rec and other Student Organizations. Check out some of the offerings below!


  • LDOC S.N.A.C.K.S. is a wellness messaging campaign highlighting the importance of Sleep, Nutrition, Activity, Connectivity, Knowledge, and Self-care to support students for finals! Get a  “LDOC S.N.A.C.K.S Pack”, filled w/items for each category–including tea, sleep masks, fruit snacks + more. Register w/ CUAB on Heellife to get one! (while supplies last).


  • Drag Queen Bingo – RSVP to attend, and a chance to win prizes, watch performances, and even ask the Drag Queen questions.


  • LDOC Outdoor Yoga – The class will be held on the outdoor practice field across the street from the baseball stadium. There will be free water, snacks and Purple Bowl vouchers (sponsored by Panhellenic) for all participants!
  • Tasty LDOC – free food for LDOC with CUAB’s Tasty Meals series. Spots are limited so we encourage you to signup for a meal from ONE restaurant.

For a full list of LDOC events visit Heellife

Taking Care of Tar Heels

With the pandemic fog starting to rise and more regulations lifting state and country-wide, practicing a safe LDOC is an essential piece of celebrating the tradition this year

Make a plan: 

  •  Before LDOC, talk with your friends about getting to and from events safely, how you will get around and how you will get home, and how you will keep tabs on each other throughout the night so no one gets left behind. 
  • Account for all people in your group of friends when you go out and when you head home. Staying with friends throughout the night will help ensure that everyone is safe and having a good time! 
  • Offer to watch your friends’ drinks (alcoholic or not) when they leave the table. 

Make it a night to remember: 

  • Drink water! 
  • Consider your comfort and risk level based on NC Governor’s and CDC guidelines.  Fully vaccinated folks should still wear a mask when gathering indoors and avoid medium and large gatherings. 
  • Activities like pre-gaming raise BAC (blood alcohol content, a measure of the amount of alcohol in your body) and make it more likely for a person to pass out or black out.  Talk to your friends about risk reduction strategies if they are planning to drink. Some common strategies among UNC students are: eating before drinking, avoiding shots, alternating alcoholic drinks with water, setting a pacing limit (e.g. 1 drink per hour), or an overall drink limit for the night.  For more ideas, check out this blog post

Ask for Help: 

  • Familiarize yourself with LDOC- specific resources and guidelines like the Town of Chapel Hill Guidelines, Parking Information from Public Safety 
  •  If someone is experiencing signs of alcohol poisoning or other injury, call 911 for medical help. 
  • If you see a potentially violent (physical or sexual) situation, call 911 for help! 
  • If you or someone you know is experiencing distress, find one of the many uniformed police officers that will be on hand for the event. Their main goal is to keep everyone safe. If you can’t find someone in person, call 911. 
  • Keep in mind NC’s new Good Samaritan Law: If you seek medical help on behalf of someone with alcohol poisoning, you will be exempt from certain underage alcohol possession charges. In other words, they cannot ticket you with underage possession or consumption of alcohol if you are seeking medical attention on behalf of someone who may have alcohol poisoning. 
  • When things don’t go as planned, contact other resources that night or the next day for support for yourself or your friends. 

No matter how you celebrate your accomplishments, the end of the academic year, and LDOC take time to reflect on the year, center your wellbeing and support your fellow Tar Heels

Check out this healthy heels post for more resources to wind down this semester

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