Amp Your Mask

Masks work to help prevent COVID-19 infections.

  • Comfort – Remember, the best mask is the one you’ll wear. So find one that is comfortable.
  • Fit – the mask should fit tightly over your nose and chin with no gaps. A bendable nose bridge is important for ensuring a good fit.
  • Filtration – the mask should have 2 or more layers of material. Certain materials, such as those in surgical masks, are designed to remove small particles by making particles collide with and stick to the fibers of the material.

Amp up your mask game! 


  • Any cloth or surgical mask is better than no mask.


  •  Double mask with an ASTM-certified surgical mask and a tight-fitting cloth mask. A surgical mask is an excellent filter, but by itself fits poorly and leaks. The cloth mask or fitter is intended to improve the fit of the surgical mask.
  • Or use an ASTM-certified surgical mask with a fitter to seal the mask to the face.


  • A KN95.
  • A tight-fitting cloth mask with a high-quality filter.

More mask tips – including masks for beards, how to wear gaiters/buffs to be more effective, and how to wash and remove masks – can be found at the CDC website.

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