Avoid Getting Sick

We all know someone who has been sick recently. There are a number of viral respiratory illnesses being spread on campus, and your risk of getting any of them can be reduced by using some of the COVID-19 prevention strategies we all know well.

In addition, you can help yourself with the following strategies:


We get that it’s difficult – but sleep is critical in order to keep your body functioning. Getting good sleep is about developing good habits, or “Sleep Hygiene.” Harvard Medical School has a Division of Sleep Medicine website which we highly recommend if you are interested in learning more about sleep. They have listed 12 tips for improving sleep. Read them nowSeriously.


Stop and take a sip anytime you pass a water fountain. Carry a water bottle with you to hydrate throughout the day. Drink a glass of water as the first thing you do when you wake up (on second thought: first pee, then drink the water). Drink at least a glass of water with each meal. There are loads of tricks like these to ensure you stay hydrated. Incorporate at least one into your life.

If you get sick, stay home.

Email your professors, let group partners know that you are sick, and tell your coaches that you cannot come to practice. I am as guilty as anyone I know of breaking this rule regularly; there is still part of me that thinks I just need to “tough it out” and work through it. Unfortunately, our society often still rewards or finds it admirable when individuals fight through sickness, but we need to change this norm. You also most likely will not get much out of being in class or at a meeting if you are not feeling well.

Get vaccinated.

Most people who work in public health agree that vaccinations are one of the most important innovations of modern medicine and protect the individual getting the shot as well as people around them.

The flu shot usually comes out in September of each year, but anytime someone gets a flu shot will still offer them protection against the flu once that immunity kicks in. So if you haven’t received yours since September 2021, you can still get a flu vaccine now.

COVID-19 vaccines are also helpful. Become fully vaccinated and boosted.

Both flu and COVID-19 vaccines (and boosters!) are available at Student Stores Pharmacy and Campus Health Pharmacy.

Do what you can to stay well, friends. And when you get sick, check out Campus Health’s cold-care guide or make an appointment.

This post was originally published on October 14, 2014 by Jedadiah Wood. It has been updated and reposted.

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