Vote for your favorite slogan to put on condom dispensers!

In a program to better the way we provide safer sex supplies to UNC students, Student Wellness and the CHECS counselors — in collaboration with the Carolina Union, Campus Recreation, and the UNC Center for AIDS Research’s Community Outreach Dissemination and Education office– have started a project to install condom dispensers at a few locations throughout UNC campus. These dispensers are expected to be installed this Spring.

In February, we asked UNC students about their ideas for slogans or catchphrases to go on the dispensers. We got a lot of responses, and your ideas have shown us both your creativity and your commitment to safer sex and protective practices on the Carolina campus. We’ve narrowed it down to a few catchphrases:

  • “Safer” with terms for sex in the background
  • 1. Consent; 2. (With arrow to mouth of dispenser)
  • Once you gain consent, don’t risk rejection/ Use a condom, embrace protection
  • Let the good times unroll
  • Condoms: free to a good home
  • Safe sex is great sex

Now we need your help to pick the top slogan! We want your opinion on your favorite submission.

This poll is now closed. Thank you to everyone who voted!  Stay tuned to Student Wellness’ Healthy Heels blog — the winner will be announced here later this week!

final responses

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