Healthy Heels Instagram Stories Takeover Agreement

Healthy Heels takeovers are meant to highlight the unique experiences of UNC students and how their experiences relate to health, mental health and overall well-being. These stories allow Healthy Heels to engage with our followers in fun and effective ways. We’re excited to have you partner with us. 

Takeover guidance: 

Consider all the ways you can show your experience. We welcome creative ideas that will be engaging to our audience. What would you want to see in a takeover? Think about what you would have wanted to show yourself at the beginning of your time at UNC. Many parts of your life may seem “normal” to you but are unique and interesting to those in other disciplines very different from your own. This should be a time to show your viewpoint as a UNC student. 

Post 6-10 times strategically throughout the day (approx 9am – 9 pm) with a few photos or videos each time you post. We suggest posting when you wake up, mid-morning, over lunch, mid-afternoon, evening. Each photo and video should have a purpose behind it, and we recommend starting with a brief video introducing yourself.

Ideas for posts you could do: 

  • Mindfulness break between classes 
  • Study tips 
  • How I got to UNC
  • Major 
  • Things I love at UNC 
  • Evening involvement activities 
  • Services I’ve used at UNC 
  • Feelings and how to manage them 
  • Ask me anything 
  • Poll about experiences of audience 
  • Request thoughts, feedback, experiences from audience (stickers such as polls, questions, or DM requests) 

The most important part of takeovers are the DMs because people are willing to share things that they wouldn’t be willing to share in a publicly viewable comment thread. PLEASE SPECIFICALLY ASK FOR DMS. Respond to DMs and message requests directed at you. Go beyond liking the message. Include your name after your response (ex: -Francis). Flag messages intended for account admins by sliding to the left on an individual message and selecting the flag option. You do not need to respond to inappropriate or aggressive messages. 


  • We actively recruit people who are passionate about areas of health and wellbeing. Feel free to share your passion, but beware of encouraging others to be like you. Be sure to diversify the content you present throughout the day and make room for the many ways people engage with health and wellbeing.
  • Be mindful of how your posts will be perceived as examples of healthy behavior, particularly on complicated topics like nutrition/eating disorders or spirituality. What you do in your day may be perceived as a “norm.”
  • Use captions on videos/pictures. Many followers use stories without their sound on, or are hearing impaired. Use captions to allow viewers to follow along even when they can’t hear – you will lose a significant number of viewers if you don’t do this. You can use story caption instructions from 
  • Be mindful of your audio quality. Consider using headphones/microphone to maintain audio quality, especially in high background noise areas. 
  • Be consistent in your personal style – choose a font, color, or style and stick to it.  
  • Give yourself a buffer at the end of each video so you don’t cut yourself off. 
  • Share a visual variety of content. For example, if you’re speaking to the camera, keep it under 30 seconds or vary the background behind you.  
  • Spread content thru the entire day. 
  • Prepare to answer a few questions on camera in a Q&A format. 
  • Think about what you would want to see if you were watching the takeover. 
  • Make the end of your takeover obvious. 
  • Use content warnings if you talk about topics that may bring up strong feelings in viewers. 
  • We encourage creativity! Feel free to use TikTok-style videos, humor, and anything else you can think of to add value to the content. 
  • Keep content PG. 
  • Speak from your own experience.
  • Consider COVID representation (are you wearing a mask indoors? How many people are around you? Etc). 
  • Conclude your takeover with a video sign-off.


  • Do not post fliers or images promoting events or organizations. 
  • Do not share overly promotional content of any nature. 
  • Do not publicize events that aren’t open to the public. 
  • Do not generalize your experience as something everyone experiences.
  • Avoid polarizing messages.
  • Do not offer nutritional or medical advice. While we appreciate you showing food you eat and how you move moving your body –details about calories, restriction, or using physical activity to make up for food consumption can add stress to students with eating disorders or body dysmorphia.  
  • Do not post images or videos that are not fit to story size; do not post horizontal content 
  • Do not share footage of speakers who have not agreed to have their content shared publicly in the story. 


  • The night before your takeover, we’ll send you the password to log into the account. 
  • Log in immediately in case you encounter any issues. 
  • Make your takeover span approximately from 9 am – 9 pm. 
  • Log out of the account the following evening – this gives you the opportunity to continue to respond to messages until your videos expire. 
  • Email a photo to promote your takeover to
  • Repost the HealthyHeels story that you’re tagged in onto your personal Instagram stories.
  • We will circle back after the takeover with data of how many people saw your posts and to gather feedback on your experience.

Final details: 

  • You agree to post only to the story and reply only to relevant messages you receive related to your story within Healthy Heels’ account. 
  • You agree not to alter any aspect of Healthy Heels’ account such as, but not limited to, the profile photo or bio. 
  • If any part of this agreement is broken by the participant, Healthy Heels reserves the right to terminate the takeover immediately. 
  • You give Healthy Heels permission to use your takeover for further purposes beyond the takeover itself, such as in trainings to show best practices. 
  • The intent of this takeover is to engage Healthy Heels’ followers and increase visibility of the UNC experience, rather than advertising events or organizations. However – we also want you to showcase your experience! Tag relevant group accounts when you’re talking about the things you do that you enjoy.  
  • Takeovers may not be used for promotion, fundraising, or any illegal activity. 
  • Keep in mind what Healthy Heels stands for and incorporate that perspective in your post.  

Examples of well-done takeovers

Nadia Bah

Jill Shippee