Let’s Talk About “IT”, UNC!

Student Wellness is starting a new program this Spring called “Let’s Talk About It, UNC”, or LTAI UNC (which we’re pronouncing “la-tay UNC”).  LTAI UNC is an awareness campaign LTAIthat strives to encourage dialogue surrounding sexual wellness and connect students to reliable sexual health education and resources. College-aged adults are disproportionately affected by outcomes such as unintended pregnancy and STIs, and these outcomes can go on to impact self-esteem, academic performance, and relationships with peers and partners. Despite the availability of many resources on campuses, misconceptions around sexual health are common and many topics – from keeping relationships healthy, to STI testing, to communicating with partners – remain taboo or uncomfortable to talk about. LTAI UNC is about addressing that. And since April includes both National Public Health Week and STD Prevention Month, what better time is there to get students talking about “it”?

We believe that effective dissemination of reliable information and the degradation of social barriers such as stigma are possible by starting conversations. The idea is that meaningful gains in knowledge, awareness and healthy behavior can start with talking about “it”– with healthcare and wellness providers, friends and partners.

So, what’s “it”?

LTAI UNC focuses on sexual wellness. Specifically, we want to encourage dialogue on the topics that so frequently go unaddressed, oftentimes due to lack of knowledge, embarrassment, stigma, and other barriers. These topics include:

  •          Partnerships
  •          Contraception
  •          Sexual decision-making, including abstinence
  •          Sexual health risk reduction for STIs and pregnancy
  •          Communication

What will LTAI Do?

This month, we’ll be using in-person events and social media to connect students to resources and bust many common sexual health myths. We’ll also be posting sexual wellness themed blogs here at the Healthy Heels blog.

Start Talking

Get into the spirit of LTAI UNC by:

Coming to one of our LTAI events!

  • April 2nd– April 8th, 10AM-2PM: We’ll be tabling in the Union to bust sexual health myths, providing more information on LTAI UNC, offering some awesome giveaways from Student Wellness and the Daily Grind.
  • April 4th, 6-8PM: Let’s Talk Shabbat at UNC Hillel.
  • April 9th, 8-10PM:  Sexual Health Trivia at Steel String Brewery (Must be 21 or older).
  • April 1st through April 30th:  Talk about it, and get entered to win prizes. Re-tweet our posts, or contribute your own with the #LTAIUNC hashtag between April 1st and April 30th, you will be entered into a drawing to win your choice of a FitBit Fit or Chromecast. Only full-time matriculating UNC students are eligible.  If you are a UNC Chapel Hill student and use the C.H.A.T. S. feature between April 1st and April 30th and complete an anonymous evaluation following your chat conversation, you can elect to be entered into a drawing to win your choice of a FitBit Flex or iPod nano. Access C.H.A.T.S.  here!

Check out our resources on talking about sexual wellness:

  • Check out our blog posts about tips on having difficult conversations. There’s one for talking about STI diagnosis, another about talking with partners.
  •  Have a sexual wellness question? Ask a trained Wellness educator by making an appointment by calling 919-962-WELL, or use our confidential health assistance and talk around sexuality (C.H.A.T.S.) program. Bonus! If you use our C.H.A.T. feature this month you can volunteer to be entered to win a prize! Drawing will be {Insert date}.

Let’s start talking! The more we talk, the closer we get to making the UNC campus a healthier, safer place.