GET INVOLVED: Join a student group!

Now that the move-in, orientation, and FallFest dust has (somewhat) settled, you may be asking yourself some questions: What the heck is Sakai? Did I just subscribe to more listservs than any human person should ever subscribe to? Why do we already have homework? And perhaps, more broadly: how will I spend my remaining years at UNC and make my mark on this campus?

If you’ve been asking yourself this last question — and are interested in the health and wellness of yourself and your fellow students — Student Wellness offers several opportunities for you to get involved in the work that we do!


Diversity & Inclusiveness in a College Environment (DICE):

  • DICE aims to create greater diversity awareness and programming around inclusiveness for students at UNC.
  • Join if you want to…
    • Create a strong media campaign for diversity and inclusiveness
    • Engage students’ awareness of issues such as race, class, ability, privilege, etc.
    • Integrate various campus departments and offices to identify student perspectives on diversity and promote involvement in diversity issues on campus
    • Support and encourage diversity and effect a more inclusive environment
  • For more information, e-mail



Healthy Heels Ambassadors

  • HHA is a group of peer educators that raise awareness, educate, and offer supportive resources to empower students to make healthier choices that improves the collective health of the UNC-CH community.
  • Join if you want to…
    • Gain leadership experience
    • Make a meaningful difference on campus
    • Possibility of opportunities to visit professional conferences
    • Develop an area of expertise
    • Become a mentor
    • HAVE FUN!
  • For more information, e-mail



Interactive Theatre Carolina (ITC)

  • ITC uses the tools of theatre to talk about difficult issues around health, wellness, and equity.
  • Join if you want to…
    • Learn about and engage in conversations about JUSTICE and HEALTH!
    • Perform and EDUCATE THOUSANDS OF STUDENTS annually!
    • BUILD YOUR ACTING RESUME with new theatre trainings (Theatre of the Oppressed, Forum Theatre, Image Theatre), character work, and improv)!
  • For more information, e-mail

one act

One Act

  • One Act’s student organization seeks to further the mission of One Act skills trainings through encouraging bystander intervention to prevent violence. One Act and One Act for Greeks skills trainings teach Carolina students the knowledge, skills, and confidence to recognize the early warning signs of violence and take preventive action in your everyday life.
  • Join if you want to…
    • Plan violence prevention events throughout the year
    • Connect with other students invested in violence prevention
    • Discuss ways to safely intervene in problematic situations
    • Gain knowledge of campus prevention and response resources
    • Contribute to a safer campus environment
  • For more information, e-mail


Carolina Recovery Community

  • Our goal is to enable our students to enjoy a normal substance-free collegiate experience while excelling at UNC-CH. 
  • Join if you want to…
    • Do fun stuff– like ropes courses, hiking, sober tailgates, and more
    • Gain recovery, academic resources, and other support services
    • Develop a sense of community with other students in recovery
    • Find a Mentor
    • Get involved with the Carolina Recovery Group
  • For more information, e-mail

sister talk

Sister Talk

  • Sister Talk is a group for women of color who would like to discuss any relational, transitional change that is impacting their ability to successfully be the best they can be. 
  • Join if…
    • You are a woman of color
    • You are interested in discussing relationships, self-care, work/life balance, academic success, managing stress, and self-image, among other topics!
  • For more information, e-mail

men's project

UNC Men’s Project

  • We seek to create opportunities for male-identified students to increase men’s involvement in gender equity and violence prevention efforts. 
  • Consider applying if you want to…
    • Connect with a network of male-identified individuals interested in talking about masculinity and promoting positive masculinities
    • Gain leadership skills
    • Learn about the impact of masculinity on ourselves and our society
    • Explore your own story
    • Become a trained ally and peer educator
    • Use social media to help create awareness on campus
  • For more information, e-mail


Stay tuned for more ways you can get involved with Student Wellness this year, including attending a training and making an appointment!