It’s April which means…


It’s Sexual Assault Awareness Month! There are lots of great events going on throughout the month at UNC, Duke, and in the community. Going to these events can be a great way to learn more about sexual assault, support survivors, and help make Carolina a safer community. Here are some highlights of the month:

Till Friday—Alliance Against Violence in the Pit

Have you walked around campus lately and seen everyone sporting awesome teal shirts? You definitely don’t want to be left out! Co-sponsored by Project Dinah and the Carolina Women’s Center, this week-long event seeks to educate UNC about the prevalence of interpersonal violence and provide resources. They are giving out 3,000 free shirts to be worn on Friday as a visible representation of UNC’s alliance against interpersonal violence.

Tonight, April 9th: Walk a Mile in Her Shoes (Old Well, 6 pm)

Sigma Phi and Kappa Kappa Gamma are hosting a one-mile march with all proceeds going to the Orange County Rape Crisis Center. They will also host a dialogue about how people can be allies in preventing sexual assault. It’s a great way to get some exercise for an important cause!

Friday April 10th: Campus Connections: Bringing Together the Sexual Assault Response and Support Community at Carolina (Campus Y Anne Queen Lounge, 2-4pm)

Come meet the staff that supports students who have experienced forms of interpersonal violence for coffee, refreshments, and conversation!

Friday, April 10: Project Dinah Benefit Concert for OCRCC (Local 506, 10pm)

Come join Project Dinah for a benefit concert for $5. All proceeds go to the Orange County Rape Crisis Center!

Wednesday, April 5: Coffee Conversation on Consent (Campus Y Anne Queen Lounge, 5-6:30pm)

The Carolina Women’s Center & UNC Men’s Project are hosting a discussion (with coffee and refreshments!) about consent.

Monday, April 20: Screening of The Mask You Live In. Mary Lou Williams Center for Black Culture at Duke University, 6pm.

This documentary explores how boys are socialized to become men in America. Afterwards there will be a panel discussion featuring local activists. Don’t have a car? No worries–you can take the Roberson bus there!

Wednesday, April 22: Campus Conversation on Creating Allies Against Sexual Violence: Creating a Culture of Healthy Masculinities within the Greek Community (St. Anthony Hall, 207 Pittsboro St., 7-9pm)

St. Anthony Hall is hosting a campus conversation about Greek culture, being an ally, and healthy masculinities to empower everyone in the Carolina community to help change cultures of violence

Monday, April 27: How to Help a Loved One (Chapel Hill Public Library, 6-8pm)

Ever not known how to respond when someone tells you that they have experienced sexual assault? This seminar provides tips and resources to be a supporter.

Hope to see you at some of these events! Check out the whole SAAM schedule here.

It’s time… Get Involved.

April is national Sexual Assault Awareness Month (or SAAM for short). It’s a month set aside to think about, speak out and change the way we think about sexual violence. [Find out more here]. This year’s theme is It’s time… Get involved.” And my April challenge to you UNC is exactly that- Get involved. Don’t worry, I’m not going to give you a challenge and then just leave you hanging—here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Attend the kick off event TODAY from 12-2 in the faculty lounge at the Y. Bring your lunch, enjoy cookies and lemonade and learn more about how to get involved in violence prevention on the UNC campus.
  2. Attend one (or more) SAAM events on campus: Check em’ out!
  3. Check out who is tweeting about SAAM on twitter: #SAAM
  4. Participate in the Orange County Rape Crisis Center’s (OCRCC) Turn the Town Teal by visiting participating businesses downtown, including Sugarland Bakery, Carrboro Yoga Company, McAlister’s, Carolina Brewing Company and more! (For details and dates on fundraising promotions visit OCRCC website)
  5. Share what you’ve learned. Let’s change the way we think UNC! You can even share it with us on Facebook or on the Shout Out blog.
  6. Throughout the month of April visit one of the SAAM Book Displays at a local bookstores, including Flyleaf, Bulls Head Book Shop (at UNC-Chapel Hill), and Barnes and Noble (at New Hope Commons in Durham).
  7. Visit UNC One Act and learn all about the bystander affect and taking action.
  8. Want more? Want to continue even after SAAM is over? Here are some great organizations on campus dedicated to preventing sexual violence all year long: One Act, Project Dinah, Carolina Women’s Center, HAVEN trainings, Safe Zone Training, LGBTQ Center. Know of more? Let us know!
  9. Get creative, think outside the box, and GET INVOLVED in sexual violence prevention!

Once you’ve taken the challenge we’d love to hear your thoughts! Be sure to share your experiences by commenting!