You Can Go Where For Testing?!?!

Hi everyone! My name is Brittany, an intern at CHS, who is focusing on research on HIV/AIDS and other STIs.  Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @UNCCampusHealth.  I will tweet periodically and use #brittanyhCHS at the end of my tweets.  If you would like me to specifically answer a question just use the hashtag #brittanyhCHS.

Now that introductions are out of the way, lets jump right on in with a VERY interesting topic.  How many of yall know where to get tested at and how much it costs? If you are like me I really had no idea where to even turn.

I was reading this article about trying to find testing centers near you and that got me to thinking.  I quickly began to realize that even though I have been at UNC for four years, I did not even know where to go to get tested for HIV/AIDS and other STIs.  I had heard about CHS at UNC but I did not realize that I could also go to our local health department!

You can go to this link and it states that you can get tested at the health department in Orange County.  At the health department the test are free and everything is confidential.  You can take the D bus over to the Health Department!

If you would prefer you can come right on in to CHS! Make sure to make an appointment by going to the website and schedule an appointment! In case you are wondering about insurances and charges/costs, this link will help answer all those questions for ya! Just click on this link and the answers that you are looking for will appear!

Getting to Zero

As the semester winds to a close, many of us may have a few numbers on our mind.

The number of days until we can put away the books until the spring semester.

The number of  hours spent in the library or some other study location.

The number of family and friends we might get to see over the holiday break.

I for one, though, am thinking about the number 33.3 million.  According to USAID, that’s the number of people that were living with HIV around the world in 2009.

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