Eat Well and Stay Active This Summer

In this last week of class, with finals looming, many students are feeling the stress of this time of the semester. I notice that as the assignments and deadlines approach, I find myself exercising less and eating whatever I find in front of me that is quick to prepare (or does not require any preparation at all, cue the bag of marshmallows). I start to feel pretty tired and stressed, and I don’t always have time to pay close attention to my exercise and eating patterns. Food and physical activity goals melt away and then just seem like memories of things I once cared about.

But hold on, all is not lost! We have one big opportunity coming up to spend a little more time on ourselves: summer. (more…)

To Douche or Not to Douche….

…that is the question.  The answer:  not to douche.  Have you seen it in magazine and tv ads?  Have you heard it from your mom or grandma?  “Douche to feel fresh and clean.” Sure, everyone wants to have a clean, fresh vagina, but here’s the great news:  the vagina is self-cleaning.  You don’t need to douche.  Furthermore, douching can actually be harmful. (more…)