Love Your ‘Hood, It’ll Love You Back

Chapel Hill is a great place to call home, and UNC students help keep it that way!  In that spirit, here are some tips on following the law, keeping your home pretty, and becoming the most popular neighbor around, whether you live on campus or off.

On Campus

  • Share the love. Got a care package of freshly baked deliciousness from home?  Walk down the hall and offer some to your neighbors.  You’ll be the most popular one on the floor.
  • Learn something new.  If you spot someone from your floor toting a yoga mat or carrying a guitar case, ask about it.  Whether it’s a hobby you share or something you’ve always wanted to learn, it’s a great chance to ask for advice or share tips.
  • Respect your shared home.  Close quarters are great for making life-long friends.  But they can also cause major conflicts.  You and all your neighbors have the right to be safe, happy, and healthy in your space.  So before you invite ten people over on Thursday night, blast Ke$ha tunes, practice your trumpet solo, or borrow your roommate’s iPod, ask if it’s okay.  It should go without saying, but vandalism, theft, and putting others in danger are NOT okay, and will likely plant you in front of the Honor Court, if not the police.

Off Campus

  • Ask for help.  Can’t figure out how to re-light the pilot light in the oven?  Want to know the best way to build a charcoal fire for the grill?  Your neighbors might be experts!  They’ll probably be more than happy to help, and you can repay them with some oven-baked treats or an invitation to your cookout.
  • Learn the law.  You are expected to keep your property free of trash and other debris and to avoid creating “nuisance noise” (see below).  Alcohol is not allowed on public property, which includes streets and sidewalks around your house. If you’re under 21, possessing and consuming alcohol is still illegal everywhere (sorry).  Find all town ordinances here.
  • Keep it down.  Your friends think you’re hilarious, but your neighbor with the 3-year-old might not, especially if you’re doing your stand-up comedy in the street at 2 AM.  Shouting, whistling, playing amplified music, honking horns, and setting off fireworks (!) are just a few examples of nuisance noise that can get you in trouble with police.

Find more Good Neighbor tips from UNC here and here.

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