Decisions, decisions…

How often do we realize all the decisions we make every day about what we put in our body?  There are so many issues that can impact the foods we choose.

What questions do you ask yourself?

Is this food healthy?

Will I feel satisfied after I eat this?

How long will I feel full?

Is it convenient?

Can I afford this?

How much time will it take to prepare?

How was this grown?  Harvested?  Processed?

Was it grown sustainably?  Organically?  Locally?  With fair labor practices?

How far did this food travel?  How will this packaging impact the environment?

Are you currently putting the questions you want in the forefront?  Is one of these other issues actually more important to you?

So, next time you put something in your mouth, head to the grocery store, or decide on a restaurant, take a second to pause and think about what’s most important to you.

Curious about finding more information regarding the health, environmental and social impacts of foods?  Check out the

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