Practicing Gratitude

Hello I Am Grateful words on a name tag sticker telling others you are thankful and appreciative for the valuable things in your life such as health, friends and family

Benefits of being thankful are nearly endless. Research suggests that taking time to reflect and notice the things we are thankful for means we experience more positive feelings, sleep better, express more kindness, and even have stronger immune systems. Some ideas to inspire and refresh your gratitude practice:

Keep a gratitude journal: Regularly write about the moment for which you’re thankful, ideally noticing new things each day. Be specific. Instead of “I’m grateful for my roommates,” write “Today, my roommate cooked me dinner because they knew I was stressed.”

Recognize and plan for obstacles: Yes, gratitude will help you, and yes, reflecting on it each day will be difficult. What might get in your way? If you tend to be exhausted by the end of the day, do your gratitude practice in the a.m.

Mix it up: Bored with journaling? Make a gratitude jar instead. Write gratitude postcards. Share your gratitude around the dinner table. Go on a gratitude walk, observing things around you as you walk. Make a gratitude collage – take pictures of things you’re grateful for and create a collage with them.

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