Heel-oween 2020

We need to change how we’ve celebrated Halloween in the past to make room for the pandemic. Here are some ideas how:

Have a Halloween Plan 

Decide what to do. 

Decide what you are comfortable with this Halloween before Saturday arrives. The gathering on Franklin Street is cancelled, so find another spot to be on the night of Halloween. Consider watching a scary movie curled up on the couch with some treats, carving a pumpkin, dressing up to eat dinner with your roommates, or joining one of the activities listed below.

Jacob Bermeo from Chapel Hill sits outside of Wilson Library while dressed up as Spider-Man on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
(Johnny Andrews/UNC-Chapel Hill)

Reduce your risk for COVID

COVID risk increases with indoor exposure(s), length of time together, lack of masks and number of people encountered. Reduce your risk by choosing a small group to spend Halloween with, sticking with them (and only them) throughout, wearing COVID masks, and staying outside as much as possible if you’re gathering with people who don’t live with you. 

Pick or make your costume.

If you choose to wear a costume, pick one that allows you to easily wear a COVID mask. Also make sure your costume avoids cultural appropriation.

Reduce your risk of negative impacts of substance use

Substances also bring risk – especially in a pandemic because of how they affect judgment and decisions making. If you choose to use substances, have a plan. Set a limit for yourself ahead of time since it’s hard to know when to stop once you’ve started. Use the buddy system to hold each other accountable. Know how much you consume. Consider bringing your own or making your own so you can better understand how much you’re using. If you drink alcohol, eat a good meal beforehand and drink water throughout. 

Be an active bystander

Don’t be afraid to speak up or take action if you or your friends are made uncomfortable. Everyone is entitled to having a good time on Halloween, and that starts with feeling safe.  

UNC Halloween Activities

MONDAY 10/26




FRIDAY 10/30


Anytime this week

Granville Haunt Farm – Haunted Drive In Movie Theme
Haunted Hills Terror Drive
Phillips Haunted Farms

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