More Orgasm Answers?! Yes, Please!

Did you attend “Orgasms? Yes, Please!”? Were you not able to make it, but wish you had? Never fear! We are answering questions from the event on our blog so everyone can get the answers. For the event itself we focused mostly on women’s bodies and, unless otherwise stated, all of our information directed towards “partners” is applicable to anyone who partners with women. Because there were so many questions asked, we will have several blog entries dedicated to answering questions.

Is it possible to have more than one orgasm?

Yes! Multiple orgasms refer to orgasms that happen one after another, sometimes only seconds apart. Multiple orgasms can happen with a partner, alone and sometimes sex toys might be involved. For many women, stimulating the clitoris immediately after have an orgasm is not a very pleasurable experience. This is because the clitoris becomes very sensitive after orgasm. If you are interested in trying to have multiple orgasms, try taking a short break and let the clitoris rest a few minutes. During the resting period you and your partner can kiss, touch, talk, or whatever feels good. When you and your partner are ready (or if you are having a self-loving session), you can resume clitoral stimulation and try to have another orgasm. With all of this being said, there is nothing wrong with women who cannot have or have not had multiple orgasms.

Why can I orgasm when masturbating, but not when having intercourse with my partner?

There are lots of different ways people have sex and it doesn’t have to be through penetration alone. Intercourse through penetration stimulates the clitoris indirectly, through the vaginal wall, but many women need direct simulation of the clitoris to reach orgasm. This can mean stimulating the clitoris before and during penetration. You can try using your own hand during intercourse or guiding your partner’s hand to rub your clitoris. Many women prefer other types of sex, including oral sex and fingering and enjoy it when a partner’s mouth or fingers stimulated the clitoris and surrounding area. Often this means spending some quality time with your partner giving them a lot of feedback about what feels good and where you like to be touched. Be patient and keep the lines of communication open!

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